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We are now open for applications for our 2018 Graduate and Internship Schemes.

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Chantel - Technology Graduate

“Graduates are held in high regard at M&G and when I joined people were very willing to share their knowledge and help me learn the ropes. I have rotated around different teams which has allowed me to explore a variety of roles, with each team providing a welcoming atmosphere. I have had the opportunity to run workshops, identify initiatives, and learn new programming languages and frameworks. I have even temporarily been a scrum master where I enjoyed running the team stand ups and retrospectives. The graduate scheme has provided me with thorough training about Investment Management and other topics including presentation skills. Working at M&G feels a world away from the university experience and I would encourage you to apply.”
MEng Computer Science
University of Southampton


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M&G are hosting 3 Insight Days for current and recent University students in the Autumn.

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Technology plays a vital role in the success of our business at M&G. The Technology & Transformation Department interacts with the entire organisation and is responsible for transforming our enterprise architecture (People, Technology & Processes) to support the changing needs of our business. We are focused on changing the way we work to ensure we meet/exceed customer and Regulatory requirements.

The Technology Graduate Scheme will last 18 months during which you will gain first-hand experience in using industry standard technology in a creative and challenging environment. You will play a core role in delivering change, whilst also developing your technical skills and gaining an insight into and understanding of the business. The nature of the work will vary from team to team.

The Technology Internship Scheme will last 8 weeks in one of the below teams. You will be placed in a team that suits the skill set identified during the recruitment process, with some consideration to your specific interests. Whilst on the scheme, you will be exposed to the breadth of teams across Technology through training and networking opportunities, in order to provide a broad understanding of our overall technology activities. Throughout the scheme you will be assessed with a view to making 2019 graduate scheme offers upon completion.

What will you do?

During our graduate or internship schemes you will play a core role in delivering change, while also developing your technical skills and gaining an understanding of the business. The nature of the work will vary from team to team, and you may gain experience in the following areas:

Investments Transformation - We consist of two teams who are responsible for technology changes for the Front Office, Risk & Performance and Investment Operations; namely Galland Delivery Team and Front Office Delivery Team.

  • Our Galland Delivery team are transforming M&G’s Investment Platform by implementing BlackRock’s “Aladdin” and simplifying our technical infrastructure. This is the single largest transformation programme to M&G Investment systems in recent times and is breaking new technological ground at M&G through its use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services and API-centric design using Apigee Edge, a leading platform for developing and managing APIs.
  • The Front Office Delivery team are working on all non-Galland Investment changes. Our teams comprise of Business Analysts, Developers and Testers all working towards developing, integrating and maintaining the critical software and technology that underpins M&G operations and strategy. Core skills within the teams are business, systems and data analysis, along with JavaScript/Node.JS and core competencies in Java and .Net.

Distribution Transformation - We provide change management and technology development services to M&G’s sales, marketing and service departments, who are in the process of transforming to a digitally enabled business. We work in agile (a project methodology) enabled teams building on a cloud first architecture, based on Microsoft Azure with software from, Business Objects, Sitecore, SAVO as well as a range of industry specific outsourced providers.

Group Transformation - With the other Transformation teams focussing on strategic initiatives, everything else falls to the responsibility of the Group Transformation team. The team Our 2 main clients are the Prudential and Regulatory portfolios. The Prudential portfolio gives the team exposure to some of the wider company initiatives in the Prudential group. Whilst the Regulation portfolio gives insight into wider market driven regulations, of which M&G must comply.

We cover all aspects of the development life cycle from analysis and consultancy through to delivery and testing, working closely with the business users.

As the range of technologies we develop is large (Oracle, Unix scripting, C#, ProC, VBA, .Net, Java etc.) it creates opportunities to have exposure to a number of different technologies.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals with an enthusiastic and curious approach to learning and a genuine interest in technology and developments within the sector. You will have strong investigative skills, the ability to think critically, and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. We are looking for individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and actively recruit from all degree disciplines.

You will possess or have been predicted a 2:1 undergraduate degree or higher from any discipline and have 300 UCAS points or equivalent.

What training and development opportunities are provided?

As a Technology Graduate, you are given comprehensive training and a vast support network; this includes a four-week asset-management introductory programme and a buddy from a previous cohort. All graduates complete their induction by obtaining the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and will and will then have the opportunity to continue specific training dependent on your rotations.

You will receive regular feedback through rotation appraisals and also a psychometrics review, allowing you to continue to develop throughout the programme. Graduates are also able to make the most of the in-house training opportunities available.

Once off the scheme your development will continue to be supported through the Learning & Talent Development Team.

All Technology Interns will take part in a training programme which includes insights sessions on asset management and the M&G business units. These are designed to be suitable for those without industry knowledge, and will provide an understanding of the whole spectrum of business areas within M&G. You will also attend business info sessions relating specifically to the investment teams at M&G, these informal small group sessions give you the opportunity to discuss teams and roles in more depth.

Interns are also invited to networking and social events, and provided with a buddy from our graduate cohort who will act as an informal support contact.

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