Eco Event at Cwmbran

Eco Road Show Cwmbran Shopping

Cwmbran Shopping is the heart of the town centre of Cwmbran in South Wales. Featuring 180 retail units, five office blocks, and a host of public amenities, it covers approximately 21 hectares.

Eco Cwmbran Shopping factsIn 2009, Cwmbran Shopping was the first of our shopping centres to host an environmentally-themed event, leading to the development of a blueprint which has rolled out to many of our other centres. Since then, Cwmbran Shopping has held environmentally-themed events every year, continuing to build on the success and goodwill generated.

The aim of the event is to help drive delivery of the Centre’s environmental targets, to engage with the Centre’s suppliers, retail and business tenants, and the wider community, and to communicate the Centre’s environmental performance to a wide audience.

In 2010, the Eco road show was used to launch the Centre's food waste recycling initiative, and the Centre continues to work with tenants to ensure that waste streams are segregated to ensure the best recycling results. The annual environmental events are used to refresh the message and ensure that all tenants are aware of the requirements.

The road shows are put together by a team from the Centre, who work to ensure buy-in from tenants and liaise extensively with local charities and community groups.

The 2012 eco road show gathered data relating to travel – nearly 200 shoppers completed a travel survey, and at the same time a travel survey was distributed to 80 of the Centre’s tenants. The collated data was used to compare with 2011 findings and analyse changes in travel patterns. Other results included:

    Eco Cwmbran Shopping facts
  • Torfaen Borough Council used the event to publicise its new recycling initiative, and engaged with 40 shoppers that completed its 'Love Food Hate Waste' survey. It reported that 15% more customers than in 2011 showed an interest in recycling services.
  • Local public transport providers, Travel Line Cymru engaged with 60 shoppers seeking advice on greener travel.
  • 44 shoppers showed an interest in solar lighting and energy efficient products demonstrated by Cwmbran Lighting.
  • The Energy Saving Trust gave advice to 35 shoppers on the Welsh Government’s fuel poverty scheme.
  • 24 shoppers received advice on obtaining free loft insulation in a scheme sponsored by Torfaen Borough Council.