Principle 5

Institutional investors should be willing to act collectively with other investors where appropriate

M&G is willing to act collectively with other UK and overseas investors where it is in the interests of our clients to do so. We endeavour to maintain good relationships with other institutional investors and support collaborative engagements organised by representative bodies and others. M&G is a member of the Investment Association, with a large number of M&G representatives actively participating on a range of Investment Association committees. We have committed to participate in the Investor Forum, which was set up to increase proactive collective engagement.

A range of factors are considered in deciding whether or not to collectively act with other shareholders including, but not limited to:

  • whether we can be more effective in our engagement unilaterally or collectively,
  • the extent to which the objective of other investors are aligned with our own, and
  • the potential sensitivity of the issue and the extent to which conversations with the company are confidential.

In addition, members of the Corporate Finance & Stewardship team participate on a range of external formal and informal committees related to broader shareholder issues.

Companies wishing to initiate a discussion on collective engagement should contact Rupert Krefting, Head of Corporate Finance & Stewardship (