Meet our Apprentices

Alex Herring"Starting an Apprenticeship with M&G gave me the confidence to develop a successful career within Information Systems and has provided me with a good basic understanding of Asset Management, which will help me pursue my career further for the future."
Alexander Herring, Information Systems Apprentice


Sidi Vulka"The M&G Apprenticeship scheme has equipped me with essential skills and experience to have a successful career. The scheme has provided me with first–hand knowledge and experience of how the industry works. In addition to this, I have also gained national recognised qualifications that are relevant to my role. With the training and great support from my colleagues this has made it easier for me to adapt to the business and feel more confident."
Sidi Vulka, Information Systems Apprentice

Oliver Balchin"Becoming an Apprentice at M&G offers you the perfect opportunity to gain first-hand experience working in a leading asset management company, whilst studying and gaining qualifications in the technical aspects of the industry. This priceless insight and exposure to successful financial persons and company life, gives you confidence and teaches you how to apply the knowledge you learn, giving you a great foundation for a successful career ahead."
Oliver Balchin, Fixed Income Institutional Sales Apprentice

Jonathan Waight"The Apprenticeship scheme has been extremely supportive assisting me in gaining multiple qualifications and essential work based experience which gives me the tools to build a solid career in Information Systems."
Jonathan Waite, Information Systems Apprentice


Rowan Ball"When I started my apprenticeship I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the job, from the company and from my colleagues. Having been an apprentice at M&G for a year now, I have found it to be a fantastic place to work. I have been treated as an adult, an equal and a valuable member of my team since the beginning – it has never been a case of “she’s just the apprentice”. An apprenticeship at M&G is not just a job for a year; every apprentice gains a technical qualification that relates to the area they are in, as well as an NVQ, and upon completion of the programme the apprentices are guaranteed a permanent position in the company. M&G also has a great social side, with parties, sports teams, film nights and other events held regularly - the ones of which I have been to have all been brilliant fun and a great way of meeting other people around the business.
At my interview, I remember someone asking one of the previous apprentices what they thought M&G would be looking for, to which we got told “the right kind of person”. At the time it didn’t seem to be the most helpful of comments but I’ve come to see that it is pretty accurate. It isn’t about having the all the right answers, a well-rehearsed presentation or in-depth knowledge about assets and asset management, which are all things that can be learnt or developed on the job. Much more important is the person, how they interact with others in a team, what motivates them, that they are hard-working and willing to learn."

Rowan Ball, Investment Operations Apprentice

Jasmin Cook“Working as an apprentice at M&G is a great opportunity; you are able to study while you’re working and put the things you learn into practice. As part of my apprenticeship I am completing the CIMA certificate level, a CIMA accredited level 4 diploma in Business Accounting Practice and gaining vital experience in the workplace. There is a great network of support throughout the company which I have found useful as I started here as a school leaver. I am provided with flexibility in my role and I have been able to rotate through different teams within finance. I have been given a great deal of responsibility from the offset and, with guidance from my manager and members of my team, I have been able to work more independently and take on more challenges. This apprenticeship has given me a chance to trial a variety of aspects within finance which has helped me to decide on an ideal role which I am working towards.”
Jasmin Cook, Finance Apprentice

Zach Rossiter“The M&G apprenticeship scheme is a brilliant opportunity to build a solid foundation in the Asset Management industry. It provides you with experience in various roles and earns you qualifications relevant to the sector. Personally, it has taken my knowledge of Asset Management from non-existent to a good level of competency and given me the confidence that is necessary to advance my career.”
Zach Rossiter, Investment Operations Apprentice

Ben Peters“An M&G apprenticeship offers a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to enter into the industry to get their foot in the door at an incredible company. I had no experience with asset management when I applied, and no experience of working in the city, but the culture at M&G, and the friendliness my colleagues helped me through the initial transition.  I now feel confident in my job role and enjoy all the social aspects that working in such a large company can offer. Straight out of school I would say M&G is the perfect place to start your career and to accustom you to the working world.”
Ben Peters, Investment Operations Apprentice

Daniel Baker“Since joining M&G over a year ago I have developed in many different ways. I am now more confident, not afraid to speak up and lead others. I am a valued member of my team in Valuations & Pricing, working with various other internal & external teams and as well as getting lots of experience on the job, I am also doing my IOC qualification in order to extend my learning & understanding of the job further. My manager understands my needs and the whole team as a whole looks after me, as I look after them. An apprenticeship at M&G is challenging, but there is a great atmosphere around the place and is thoroughly enjoyable”.
Daniel Baker, Investment Operations Apprentice

Samia Zhaibet“My experience at M&G has exceeded all my expectations. From my very first day I have been treated as a valued member of my team with lots of time and effort being spent on teaching and integrating me within my team. Coming straight from sixth form meant that I knew little about asset management or fixed income, but that didn’t matter; emphasis was not placed on what I knew but the potential I had to learn. The pace at which I worked and took on different projects suited me perfectly and support is always given to me should I need it. As an apprentice I have attended many courses varying from Introduction to Fixed Income to Advanced Excel. Learning and development is very important at M&G with opportunities given to anyone who asks.
Working in the front office in the Corporate Credit Research is very exciting to say the least. We’re the first to hear about new bond issues that have come to the market. Our team of analysts focus on many household names that we’ve all heard of such as Tesco, McDonalds and Christian Dior to name a few. To begin with, I found that at our daily morning meetings with fund managers, dealers and analysts slightly confusing with lots of terminology that I didn’t understand. Gradually, as the months have passed I have found that my understanding has improved greatly as I continue to be immersed in the world of fixed income.
What has surprised me the most about working in Investment Management is the collegiate environment and the approachability of everyone.  I interact with many people on a daily basis and even the most senior of them are friendly and willing to help. Whilst our analysts are very busy, they always take the time to explain a task fully, with one analyst spending four hours showing me how to fill in a financial model. Although it has been difficult making the decision between an apprenticeship and university, I am confident that I have made the best decision and see M&G as a place where I will stay for many years to come.”
Samia Zhaibet, Credit Research Apprentice

Callum Henshaw“The M&G apprentice scheme is one of kind. The experience you gain working for such an established Investment firm is second to none. Being a school leaver from South Africa, University was never an option for me. With M&G’s Apprenticeship scheme, studying a CIMA accredited level 4 diploma in Business Accounting paired with the exposure and experience I am getting, I am confident of a long, successful career ahead. The support from my manager and team members gives me confidence as I take on new responsibilities and ownership of projects within Finance.”
Callum Henshaw, Finance Apprentice

Guery Galantzeva“From my very first day at M&G, I knew it was a special company and I was very lucky to be a part of it. My team made me feel like I had been there for years after only a few months and my line manager especially helped with my transition from school to work life.
One of my favourite aspects of M&G is the friendly working environment and the chance to speak to anyone from direct colleagues to senior managers. I have learnt so much from the many educational sessions and, despite not knowing anything about the industry when I started, I now feel I have a great understanding of the business.
In addition to amazing career development opportunities, I have also been fortunate enough to have attended Christmas and summer parties, team building activities with the other apprentices and (my favourite) a charity regatta on the Isle of Wight.
My time at M&G so far has felt more like and amazing experience rather than simply a job and I would recommend working for this company to everyone!”

Guery Galantzeva, Marketing Apprentice

Matthew Long“Applying for an apprenticeship at M&G is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having chosen to sidestep University, this apprenticeship has given me the chance to learn a variety of skills,  gain valuable exposure to both the corporate and IS Worlds. Working for the IS Admin team I have been blown away by how friendly and supportive everyone has been. I genuinely feel everybody, regardless of stature, has time for me, trusts me and is willing me to succeed. I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome from the moment I walked through the M&G doors on my first day, I have found a job I look forward to getting out of bed for and I couldn’t be happier!”
Matthew Long, Administration Apprentice