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Our graduate and internship schemes are designed to nurture talent and develop individuals who will go on to drive the future success of our organisation. You do not need to have studied a relevant degree to apply to one our schemes; we are looking for candidates who demonstrate energy, originality and conviction with a passion that relates to their chosen programme.

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We are now open for applications for our 2018 Graduate and Internship Schemes.

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M&G Insights Days

M&G are hosting 3 Insight Days for current and recent University students in the Autumn.

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We are very proud to have been voted in the Top 100 Undergraduate Employers.


CollaborationWe recognise the importance of each employee reaching their full potential, both personally and professionally. Investing in your development is just the beginning.

This section tells you how we help you to reach your potential, develop existing skills and set you on a course for success. Whilst we have a variety of graduate and intern schemes across the business, you may only apply to one scheme, so take the time to look at each area and see where you can visualise yourself unlocking your full potential.


M&G graduates benefit from being valued as key members of their team from day one, and thus to make a genuine contribution to the organisation’s success from an early stage. We are large enough to offer a wide variety of career opportunities, whilst small enough to treat you as an individual and tailor training and rotations to your specific needs.

You will be given a comprehensive training and a vast support network; including a four-week asset-management introductory programme, a buddy from a previous cohort and the opportunity to have a mentor. You will also receive frequent appraisals to facilitate personal development. All graduates complete their induction by obtaining the Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Our graduate schemes commence in September and last 12-18 months before you roll off into a permanent position.


graduatesOur summer internships last 8 weeks and are open to penultimate year students. This programme acts as a pipeline for our graduate schemes with those who are successful offered a place to begin on the completion of their studies, the following year.

You will go through a comprehensive training programme which includes workshops on asset management and M&G’s business units. These are arranged for the first few weeks of the internship, and are designed to be suitable for those with and without industry knowledge. You will gain an understanding of the whole spectrum of business areas within M&G further informing your post-university career choices.

You will also be invited to networking and social events, and provided with a buddy from our graduate cohort who will act as an informal support contact.

The success of our programmes has been recognised by our interns and we have been consistently voted as one of the Top 100 Undergraduate employers on  

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