Business areas


Our Equities business manages assets on behalf of Internal and Retail clients, focussed on delivering superior investment performance to our clients. We do this by offering a diverse range of investment strategies across a wide array of geographies. The different strategies adopted by individual fund managers include value, growth, income, smaller company and convertible bond investing, across geographies as specialist as the UK and as wide ranging as the globe.

Macro Investment Business

The M&G Multi Asset team sits within Equities and is responsible for managing six retail funds, as well as a Cayman based hedge fund and segregated accounts. The seven strong investment team sit and work closely together - with many having worked together for over ten years, and share a philosophy on markets that is grounded in valuation and behavioural finance.


Our Retail division is responsible for the effective distribution of our investment propositions of the Equities business. This includes the distribution of retail funds to clients across the UK, Europe and Asia. Core activities include Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Strategic Planning.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income manages assets on behalf of Internal and Institutional clients, utilising our extensive credit research capabilities and experienced portfolio managers to deliver strong investment performance. Investment teams include Credit Research, Public Debt Portfolio Management, Leveraged Finance, Alternative Credit, Infrastructure and Real Estate Finance.

Prudential Capital

Prudential Capital (PruCap) manages Prudential Group’s balance sheet for profit. PruCap achieves this by providing treasury services to the Prudential Group and by realising profitable investment opportunities within wholesale and capital markets, within a tightly controlled risk-framework.

M&G Real Estate

M&G Real Estate is an income-driven, long-term specialist global property investor, with 150 years of experience. We have funds under management in the UK, Continental Europe, North America and Asia, making us one of the world's largest real estate investors.


Prudential Portfolio Management Group (PPMG) is responsible for management and oversight of our parent company, Prudential’s, assets. PPMG works closely with the various asset management businesses within the Group, and other external managers, to structure multi-asset portfolios aligned with the investment objectives of the Prudential.


Operational Risk

Operational risk is defined as the uncertainty that M&G faces in successfully implementing its strategies and objectives. This includes all internal and external events, acts or omissions that have the potential to threaten the success and survival of M&G. All areas of M&G are exposed to operational risk through the very nature of their day-to-day operations.

The team is responsible for operational risk oversight of M&G, seeking to ensure that the company manages these risks in accordance with the expectations of its clients, shareholder and regulators. The team works closely with risk coordinators and management across M&G Business Units and also with Prudential to challenge business units on risk controls and actions and embed the operational risk framework and policies. The team is then responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of these risk management processes.

Risk Analysis

A crucial part of our infrastructure is an effective resource that provides comprehensive risk analysis and supports management of investment risk.

The Risk Analysis team is independent of the investment management team and provides investment risk analysis and monitoring across a broad spectrum of M&G fund management activities including institutional mandates, retail mutual funds, hedge funds, treasury businesses and life funds.

Risk Monitoring and Controls Team

The Risk Monitoring team’s role is threefold, encompassing counterparty credit risk management, independent asset valuation and the running and maintenance of regular risk reporting.

The counterparty credit risk team undertake the due diligence of market counterparts on initial set up and on an ongoing basis with a view to establishing and maintain trading lines. It is also responsible for the daily monitoring of exposures against these trading limits as well as providing oversight of the firms collateralised positions in its OTC and securities lending books. The Risk Controls team is responsible for providing independent valuation of non-standard / complex assets and performing a review of risk in relation to asset portfolios usually encompassing the calculation of various risk metrics such as VaR, PV01, CR01, capital utilisation and stress tests.