Technology - Development Graduate and Internship Schemes

Lily Turner – Information Systems Graduate Scheme

“The IS scheme has given me an extraordinary opportunity to learn invaluable skills that are impossible to simulate in an academic environment. My ideas and suggestions and welcomed, respected and considered by all, leading to a growth in my own confidence and faith in my ability. I have also been given considerable authority and decision making power that has allowed me to become more independent.”
MEng in Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham

Lily Turner

Your skills and talents

Technology plays a vital role in the success of our business at M&G. Our Information Systems department is responsible for developing, integrating and maintaining the critical software and technology that underpins M&G operations and strategy.

We are looking for individuals who have an analytical and creative mind-set, with a genuine interest in technology and development. You will possess, or have been predicted a minimum 2:1 undergraduate degree from any discipline, with a minimum 300 UCAS points.

About the schemes

During our graduate or internship schemes you will work in one of our development teams.  You will play a core role in delivering change while also developing your technical skills and gaining insight into and understanding of the business. The nature of the work will vary from team to team.

Data and Integration

Data and Integration is the hub at the centre across the range of M&G systems. We provide development capability and expertise to connect the many and varied systems that underpin the M&G investment business. Utilising agile tools and practices coupled with enterprise level technology and messaging predominantly utilising Java, MQ and Spring.

Retail Digital

A small agile team focused on rapid delivery of Application Programme Interface's (APIs) and user interfaces to both internal and external clients, including but not limited to M&G's global marketing, sales, mobile and digital teams. Retail Digital is responsible for reshaping M&G's digital DNA.

Custom Apps Development

Custom Apps Development provides applications that go where others fear to tread. They provide bespoke developement and Business Intelligence services using modern delivery tools and practices, and support a range of over 200 apps built mainly in C#, ASP MVC, SQL Server, PowerShell, VBA Excel, MS Access and SAP Business Objects.

Release Management

Release Management provide the oversight to managing change through the M&G systems range. They are responsible for managing, planning, scheduling and controlling software through the necessary checkpoints and environments. Release Managers at M&G are core to ensuring successful project delivery and a stable production environment. They utilise agile tools and practices to manage change, and can often be found Scrum Mastering teams or running Sprint Retrospectives.

Training and development

All graduates and interns take part in our comprehensive training. Once graduates have completed the IMC they may begin supported study towards technical courses relevant to their teams’ area of expertise.