Recruitment process

Hiring the right people is integral to the success of our graduate and internship schemes. This requires us to have a rigorous recruitment process and we understand that this can seem daunting at first. We want to assist you in finding your way through the process and the following section aims to put you on the front-foot for the journey forward.

M&G Insights Days

M&G are hosting 3 Insight Days for current and recent University students in the Autumn.

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Recruitment process

Applications are assessed from the moment they are submitted, we therefore recommend that you start the process as soon as you are able to and do not wait until the deadline.

If at any stage in the process you are running late or would like to withdraw your application, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make relevant arrangements.

Application form

We have a simple registration form and short application form, which only takes about 30 minutes to complete. You will need to provide a few of your basic personal details and upload your CV.


After completing the application form, candidates will be sent a link to complete the online verbal, numeric, critical reasoning and situational strengths tests. These tests take 20 - 40 minutes depending on the test, and although you cannot take breaks within individual tests, you do not need to take all four tests in the same sitting. You must complete the online assessment within 5 days of when they are sent. Test results will be reviewed alongside the application form. Practice tests can be found online. If you normally require extended time for assessments, please upload the associated supporting evidence where indicated on the online application form and we will make the relevant adjustments.

HireVue video interview

Those who pass testing will be sent a link to our strengths-based video interview, a one-way online recorded interview, and a link containing full instructions for completing this. Candidates must complete this within 5 days of when the links sent. For each question, you will be given a small amount of preparation time and then a period of time to answer the question before moving onto the next. At the end we will give you some extra time to discuss anything you have not already covered. We review video interviews alongside your performance to date and CV.

Face to face interview

You will then be invited to our offices in London for a face to face interview. This could be a competency or case study based interview, which may include some preparation time. You will not be required to have specific technical knowledge for the scheme to which you are applying, but we are interested in how you approach problems and your reasons for wanting to join that scheme. Whilst we prefer to meet you in person, if you are an international candidate and the burden of travel is significant, we can arrange this as an online interview.

Assessment centre

The assessment centre at M&G is the final stage in the process and will involve a variety of activities over one day for graduate schemes, and half a day for internships. You will be required to participate in presentations, interviews and group exercises, however this may vary from scheme to scheme. You will meet a variety of people who work for M&G including current graduates, gaining a further understanding of our culture so you can appreciate what makes M&G so special. Assessment centres for graduate roles will also involve a psychometrics questionnaire and feedback session.

What you can expect from us

We want you to have an engaging experience throughout the recruitment process and as such we aim to provide you with the outcome of each stage within a reasonable amount of time after completing each assessment.

You can expect to receive confirmation emails from us within a few days of the application and testing stages. After the online testing stage you will receive comprehensive feedback about your strengths and areas for development.

We value the efforts you make in completing the video interviews and give each candidate the consideration you deserve, however this may mean you have to wait a few weeks before receiving an outcome as we review all video and face to face interviews before inviting individuals to the next stage.

We aim to give you two weeks’ notice ahead of the face to face interview and assessment centre stages, however on occasion it may be the case that we ask you to come in with one weeks’ notice. We endeavour to be flexible and will try to work around your availability, for example, taking into account if you have examinations scheduled.’