The M&G Candidate Charter

M&G’s Experienced Hires Resourcing Team are dedicated, consultative experts in talent attraction, both in the UK and at an international level, and passionate ambassadors of the M&G Culture.

When we surveyed hired candidates on how they rated their experience we scored a 9/10 satisfaction rate. We strive for 10/10! Below is some of the feedback from successful candidates.

Consultative engagement throughout

  • "The communication by recruitment team and HR team was excellent providing information at all steps of the process."
  • "There was a good dialogue with everyone involved in the process and everyone seemed to be informed on status/progress."
  • "My recruiter was extremely helpful and excellent at keeping me informed."

Timely, individual and constructive post-interview feedback - in all cases

  • "The HR Team were in touch in every part of the process, which was useful."
  • "Very clear and punctual feedback, I didn't have to wait long between each stage before I was given feedback."

A consistent fair and transparent experience

  • "good, professional, friendly, honest."
  • "open and professional environment."
  • "It [the job spec] was written unlike any other and placed as much emphasis on skills that would be developed in the role as requirements for the candidate."

Throughout the process we encourage you to explore the M&G Culture and will share information to help you make an informed decision

  • "warm and friendly people and culture."
  • "professional yet friendly."
  • "Really impressed by the people and the culture."
  • "This was a hugely important decision for me so meeting a wide range of individuals across the team significantly helped me build a picture of the people, culture and long term opportunities."

To respect candidate expectations by providing prompt decisions

  • "well organized."
  • "The turnaround times during the recruitment process were very quick, which was very much appreciated in what is often a stressful process."
  • "I thought that this [communication] was brilliant, and it alleviated so much potential stress. It also showed me that the people I would be working with were efficient and timely."

We will actively seek feedback and act on it

  • We ask every new starter for their opinions on our recruitment process and welcome their feedback as an opportunity to improve.

All hiring decisions will reflect our diverse and inclusive environment

  • "I found the whole process was very positive, constructive, encouraging and inclusive."
  • "My first impressions of M&G were welcoming and friendly. I found the staff to be professional and made me feel at ease."

We only work with external recruitment partners who embrace and represent our vision and values

  • Our agencies received an average satisfaction rating of 8.7/10 from polled new starters.
  • 97% of polled new starters who came to us through an agency would recommend the agency to a friend.