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How rating agencies work

In the financial industry, there are several ratings agencies that provide ratings for funds and fund managers. These ratings help potential investors to decide which funds and fund managers are performing well, and to choose which suit their long-term investment objectives.

In the documentation produced by M&G, we mainly refer to Morningstar and S&P Capital IQ ratings.

Morningstar fund ratings

These ratings are based on Morningstar risk-adjusted returns. The fund’s performance is rated over three, five and ten years and given an overall rating based on a weighted average of the available time-period ratings. We typically refer to this rating in our Fund literature.

Morningstar will not rate a fund if:

  • The fund is less than three years old
  • There are insufficient similar funds within the category for a meaningful ranking
  • There is incomplete information about the fund
  • A major asset allocation change skews the fund’s performance history

All funds that can be rated will be awarded up to five stars on a monthly basis. These measurements are applied within each Morningstar category:

  • Five stars are awarded to the top performing 10%
  • Four stars are awarded to the next 22.5%
  • Three stars are awarded to the middle 35%
  • Two stars are awarded to the next 22.5%
  • One star is awarded to the bottom 10%

Source: Morningstar, May 2011

S&P Capital IQ fund gradings

S&P Capital IQ uses a fund research grading system covering approximately the top 20% of funds within each sector. You can use these gradings to identify the highest-quality funds.

S&P Capital IQ gradings are based on an analysis of factors that contribute to long-term performance:

  • Platinum (formerly AAA) for a fund that "demonstrates the highest standards of quality based on its investment process and management’s consistency of performance as compared to funds with similar objectives."
  • Gold (formerly AA) is given to a fund that "demonstrates very high standards of quality based on its investment process and management’s consistency of performance as compared to funds with similar objectives."
  • Silver (formerly A) is given to a fund that "demonstrates high standards of quality based on its investment process and management’s consistency of performance as compared to funds with similar objectives."
  • Bronze A previously graded fund where a newly appointed fund manager or team does not yet have the required 12 months’ relevant investment management experience to achieve a Silver grading or higher.*

Source: S&P Capital IQ, June 2012

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