Candidate charter

Our experienced hires team is dedicated to finding the best people to work for us, both in the UK and around the world.

M&G's commitments to candidates

Your experience as a candidate applying to M&G is important to us. We want to demonstrate how M&G operate and share our culture so you can see what makes us different and a great place to work. This is why we make these commitments to you as a candidate:

We will treat you with integrity and respect

Our recruitment process is fair and transparent. We make prompt decisions and keep you updated at every stage.

We will make sure you have a positive experience throughout the recruitment process

Our environment encourages you to share your ideas and demonstrate your skills and abilities to the highest standard.

We are open to your feedback on our recruitment process

If you have any comments about the process and how we can improve it, we would love to hear them.

We will make our hiring decisions with your long term career in mind

Our people are our biggest investment, so when hiring we think about your development opportunities and career progression and how we can help you strive for excellence.

We will help you learn more about our culture

Through our recruitment process we will make sure you get a good understanding of our culture, and what life is like at M&G.