Graduate schemes

We’ve got a huge variety of graduate schemes across the business, and actively recruit applicants from all degree disciplines.


Our graduate schemes start in September and last between 12 and 18 months, during which time you will find and secure a permanent role to start your career.

You can only apply for one scheme, so make sure you research your options thoroughly, and apply for the one where you think you’ll achieve your full potential.

On our graduate scheme we’ll give you comprehensive training and a lot of support, including:

  • A five-week introductory programme to asset management and M&G
  • A buddy from a previous cohort
  • The opportunity to have a mentor

You’ll receive regular reviews to accelerate your personal development and you will complete your Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

What you can expect from us

We want you to have an engaging experience throughout the recruitment process, and we aim to provide you with the outcome of each stage as quickly as we can.

Application and testing: We’ll send you confirmation emails within a few days of the application and testing stages, and after the online testing stage, we’ll give you comprehensive feedback about your strengths and areas for development.

Video interviews:We value the efforts you make in completing the video interviews and give each candidate the consideration you deserve. However, this may mean you could wait a some time before receiving an outcome as we review all video and face-to-face interviews before inviting individuals to the next stage. We will respond to each and every candidate with the outcome.

Interviews and assessment days: We aim to give you two weeks’ notice ahead of the face-to-face interview and assessment centre stages, although sometimes we might ask you to come in with one weeks’ notice. We aim to be flexible, and will try to work around your availability if you have exams.

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