For the past decade, M&G has proudly sponsored the RHS Chelsea Flower Show with the aim of providing inspiration to gardeners and investors alike. Through our partnership with the RHS, we have been able to inspire growth in the nation’s gardens and support the RHS’ vision to make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. M&G aims to help people from all walks of life give their savings the potential for growth through investments. We put their money to work in the economy by making investments that help businesses to grow.

The value from a fund’s assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.

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About the Best in Show winning M&G Garden

For the 2019 Show, we commissioned designer Andy Sturgeon and contractor Crocus to create The M&G Garden. We were delighted that The M&G Garden won a Gold medal and Best in Show.

Celebrating the beauty of nature’s extraordinary power to regenerate and colonise all kinds of landscapes with new growth, The M&G Garden in 2019 was a vibrantly green and lush environment. It featured a biodiverse range of pioneering plant species from around the world, all of which are able to grow and thrive in the British climate.


Andy’s Inspiration

Watch our video to find out Andy’s inspiration behind The M&G Garden design. For more details on the plants he used, download the plant list below.


M&G Garden time lapse

Watch our time lapse video showing the build of The M&G Garden designed by Andy Sturgeon.


M&G Garden tour

Take a tour of The M&G Garden. Andy Sturgeon explains how the garden celebrates the power of nature to regenerate and colonise all kinds of landscapes with new growth.

The M&G Garden - behind the scenes


Pioneering plants

The M&G Garden featured trees and plants that are 'pioneers' when it comes to rejuvenating landscapes.

Andy Sturgeon wanted to show the power of plants to change landscapes and these ‘pioneer plants’ are often the first to generate new life when landscapes evolve. Great examples of these are Equisetum, ferns and Restios.

Pioneering plants native to the UK featured in the garden including Epilobium ‘fireweed’ and Polemonium caeruleum ‘Jacobs ladder’. Also there, perhaps surprisingly, were hardy orchids such as Cypripedium ‘Slipper orchid’ as they too have an astonishing ability to thrive and populate in the harshest conditions. As you would expect the planting had been carefully selected to help tell this garden’s story of rejuvenation giving it an optimistic, life-enforcing quality.


Sculpture in The M&G Garden

Inspired by rock formations found on an Australian beach, huge burnt-oak sculptures sliced through the woodland planting in The M&G Garden this year.

The huge oak sculptures were intended to show off the incredible plants and they made a dramatic backdrop to every leaf and flower. Together with the English ironstone sourced from the Cotswolds, they framed vistas slicing through the garden and defined paths and places to sit.

The regenerative theme of new life and growth carried through with a series of small pools and clear streams trickling through the garden ending in a tranquil pool.