We all have things that are important to us. Even if it’s making sure your current standard of living lasts throughout retirement, it’s important to know where to start. We understand this isn’t always easy. And with so many options to choose from, it can often be difficult to know if you’re doing the right thing.

That’s where our advice service can help you make the most of what you have. We believe less can definitely be more. So the advice recommendations we make are from a carefully selected range of products and funds. Using a focused and controlled approach allows us to develop an in-depth knowledge of the products, so we can safely and confidently recommend a solution that’s right for you. This is known as restricted advice. We start by building a relationship with our clients, taking the time to get to know you and understand what’s important to you, so we can deliver advice that’s right for you. We’ll review your finances, understand the current plans you have in place and get a full picture of your financial situation - including what you’re looking to do in the future.

Our advice covers a range of financial areas, including retirement planning, protection, investments and estate planning. When it comes to helping you plan for your retirement, or enjoying it more if you’re already there, we can deliver advice that’s right for you.

And remember, our advice isn’t just for the wealthy. You don't need a large nest egg or lottery win to benefit from financial advice. We can help you with a variety of financial needs and make it as easy as possible for you to get the advice you need.

We can meet where and when you want

We can be as flexible as you need. We can meet in the comfort of your own home or wherever you'd prefer and at a time that suits you.

Advice doesn’t have to be a one-off

We'll support you in whatever way works for you, it doesn't have to stop at the first piece of advice we give you. If you want to receive advice on an ongoing basis, we can build a relationship with you to help make sure your plan stays on track if things change.

Your first meeting doesn't cost you a penny

It's free of charge, and after the meeting you're under no obligation to do anything else – it’s completely up to you. If you do continue with a recommendation you will incur a charge.

How we can help you

You’ve got a whole new world of options when it comes to what to do with your pension in retirement. Each option has its own upsides, downsides and tax implications. It depends on what you want out of life, how you choose to live and how much you want to leave behind.

Prudential is one of the UK’s leading Life and Pensions companies and we have access to a range of their retirement income solutions. In addition, we can offer advice on conventional annuities from a number of selected annuity providers and pension transfers.

As people are generally living longer, it‘s important to ensure you plan ahead for your retirement. But when it comes to planning your retirement, it's not always easy to know what’s available to you. So if you’re approaching retirement, still have some way to go or have already retired, we can help you. You may have a number of pension pots you’re thinking of combining. We can help you find out if combining these is right for you.

When it comes to investing we understand that everyone has different needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to put some money away for a rainy day or simply want to make your money work harder – we can help you.

Our investment proposition offers you access to a carefully selected range of multi-asset funds. We believe a well-diversified fund is more likely to achieve consistent returns. Spreading an investment across different asset types can lead to a more consistent performance. Our multi-asset fund range means we don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We spread your money across a mixture of shares, property, bonds and cash, which helps reduce the risk of losing money.

Our funds meet a wide variety of different needs and attitudes to risk. We offer different types of:

Passive funds – that invest in a selected range of assets classes. If you’re looking for a lower cost investment.

Active funds – that invest in a broader range of assets. If you’re looking to benefit from spreading the risk across a fully diverse fund offering.

Smoothed funds – If you're looking to benefit from spreading the risk across a fully diverse fund offering, while experiencing a smoother investment journey. 

Depending on your needs and goals we can recommend one or a combination of these funds.

Remember, the value of your investment can go down as well as up, so you might not get back the amount you put in.

Life doesn’t always go to plan and we can’t always know what’s round the corner. But we would all like the peace of mind of knowing that we’re prepared for the unexpected.

In the event of death or serious illness, you don’t want your family left with a possible financial burden. We can provide advice on protection cover and solutions from a number of selected providers.

Estate planning may not be something you’ve thought about, but Inheritance Tax (IHT) isn’t just for the wealthy. With property values rising, IHT is affecting more and more people.

We can give you advice on a range of trusts to help reduce the impact of IHT. We'll also guide you through the complexities of estate planning, so that you can pass on as much wealth as possible to your loved ones.

Tax rules can change and the impact of taxation (and any tax relief) depends on your circumstances.

One of the most important aspects of financial planning is finding the right balance between risk and reward in your investment choice.

We’ll work with you to understand what you want from your investments. Knowing where you want to get to, and how much risk you’re comfortable taking, will enable us to recommend a fund (or funds) to suit your individual circumstances.

We have access to other organisations who can advise you on a wide range of additional services, such as legal services, mortgage services and estate administration.

These organisations have been carefully selected to complement and enhance the service we offer.