Real estate

Taking a long term active approach to investing in property.

As one of the leading commercial property investors in the world – and a major investor in residential property too – we know that our decisions and policies have a huge impact on people, communities and businesses.

That’s why, at M&G, being a landlord means more than merely owning a building. Whether it’s a brand-new development of private rental homes in London, a shopping centre in Singapore or an office complex in Sweden, we invest in and manage our properties for the long term.

That means making sure our tenants remain satisfied and have a good experience throughout their tenure, and also considering environmental impact of the properties we build and develop. That’s why we aim to keep down operating costs, carbon emissions and use of non-renewable natural resources. We also work closely with local communities, as we know their support is essential for long-term developments to succeed.


Case study - Rehearsal Rooms

Learn how M&G Real Estate’s newly built community in West London is helping meet renters’ demand for quality homes and investors’ appetite for stable long term returns.

What does this mean for our investors?

Our customers are the ultimate owners of the properties we build, buy, develop and manage within our funds. Many of our customers see property funds as a way to diversify their portfolio and complement their holdings of bonds and shares in other (non-property) types of companies. Long-term property investments tend to be less volatile than shares and bonds as they are bought and sold less frequently, can generate stable income streams from rent payments, and also offer the opportunity for capital returns.

The value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause fund prices to fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount you invested.

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