• M&G stood out amongst the multiple Aladdin implementation opportunities on the table last year. The interaction with the recruitment team during the decision process was a key determinant in my final decision. The team were motivated to get me on-board, their actions, professionalism and overall hands-on approach steered me towards M&G.

    My experience so far has been very positive; with opportunities for knowledge sharing across multiple Prudential Business Units, with diverse opinions and perspectives always encouraged.

    Jude Awani,  Fixed Income Business Analyst

  • I applied for a manager role originally, but after interviewing, I thought I needed a little more development before moving to this level. This resulted in me being hired as a consultant with the promise of opportunities as I gain more experience. True to word, after 12 months, a manager role came up which I successfully applied for and moved into. I am now on the M&G Management Training programme to help me develop further.

    Ryan Macgregor,  Compliance Monitoring Manager