Internship schemes

Our internship schemes are designed to nurture talent and develop individuals who will go on to drive the future success of our organisation.

The internship schemes

Our summer internship is an 8 week immersive dive into the work of our investment activities, and is open to penultimate year students. The programme acts as a pipeline for our graduate schemes with those who are successful offered a place to begin finishing their studies, the following year. You’ll go through a comprehensive training programme which includes workshops on asset management and our business units. These are arranged for the first few weeks of the internship, and are designed to be suitable for those with and without industry knowledge. You will be allocated a buddy from our graduate cohort to help support you throughout the internship, and have the opportunity to attend a number of networking and social events.

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What you can expect from us

We want you to have an engaging experience throughout the recruitment process, and we aim to provide you with the outcome of each stage within a reasonable amount of time after completing each assessment.

You can expect to receive confirmation emails from us within a few days of the application and testing stages. After the online testing stage, you’ll receive comprehensive feedback about your strengths and areas for development.

We value the efforts you make in completing the video interviews and give each candidate the consideration you deserve. However, this may mean you could wait a few weeks before receiving an outcome as we review all video and face-to-face interviews before inviting individuals to the next stage.


The M&G internship schemes

Use the links below to learn more about each of our internship schemes and discover which one is right for you.