Recruitment process & FAQs

Hiring the right people is integral to the success of our graduate and internship schemes

This requires us to have a rigorous recruitment process, and we understand that this can seem daunting at first. We want to assist you in finding your way through this process, and the following section aims to put you on the front-foot for the journey forward.

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Applications are assessed from the moment they are submitted, we therefore recommend that you start the process as soon as you are able to and don’t wait until the deadline.

  1. 1. Application form

    We have a simple registration form and a short application form, which takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.

  2. 2. Testing

    After completing the application form, candidates will be sent a link to complete the online verbal, numeric, critical reasoning and situational strengths tests. These tests take 20 - 40 minutes depending on the test, and although you cannot take breaks within individual tests, you do not need to take all four tests in the same sitting. Our assessments are provided by Capp & Co, the world experts in strengths. Capp are data-led assessment creators who sit at the cutting edge of online testing. You can find practice tests online.

    You must complete the online assessment within 5 days of when they are sent. Test results will be reviewed alongside the application form. Practice tests can be found online. If you normally require extended time for assessments, please upload the associated supporting evidence where indicated on the online application form and we will make the relevant adjustments.

  3. 3. HireVue video interview

    Those who pass testing will be sent a link to our strengths-based video interview, a one-way online recorded interview, and a link containing full instructions for completing this. You must complete the video interview within 5 days of when the link is sent. For each question, you will be given a small amount of preparation time and then time to answer the question before moving onto the next. At the end, we’ll give you some extra time to discuss anything you have not already covered.

  4. 4. Face-to-face interview

    You will then be invited to our offices in London for a face-to-face interview. This could be a competency or case-study based interview, which may include some preparation time. You will not be required to have specific technical knowledge for the scheme to which you are applying, but we are interested in how you approach problems and your reasons for wanting to join that scheme.

    Whilst we prefer to meet you in person, if you are an international candidate and the burden of travel is significant, we can arrange this as an online interview.

  5. 5. Assessment centre

    The assessment centre at M&G is the final stage in the process and will involve a variety of activities over one day for graduate schemes, and half a day for internships.

    You’ll participate in presentations, interviews and group exercises; however, this may vary from scheme to scheme. You’ll meet a variety of people who work for M&G including current graduates, gaining a further understanding of our culture so you can appreciate what makes M&G so special.

    Assessment centres for graduate roles will also involve a psychometric questionnaire and feedback session.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to apply online?

It should take about 30 minutes to register online and complete the application form. To find out more read our recruitment process information.

Who do I contact if I experience issues completing the registration form?

Please email stating the nature of your issue. 

Who do I contact if my application will not submit?

How can I track the progress of my application?

Our recruitment team will keep you posted in regards to your application status.

Can I apply to more than one role?

You will be able to submit only one application form but within you can state your preference for up to 3 roles.

My circumstances have changed. How do I remove myself from the application process?

Please contact us at or you can contact our external recruitment partner at

Assessment process questions

What are the technical requirements for the online tests?

We want you to have the best chance to succeed. Please ensure that you have:

  • A quite space where you can finish each test in one sitting
  • A clear and working internet connection.

We also recommend that you use Chrome as your browser as this works best with the online test interface. 

How can I prepare for the online tests?

We recommend that you prepare by completing the practice tests provided by Saville. These are available at

What is the time limit for the online tests?

Only numerical reasoning assessment will be time limited but as a general rule, you should work as quickly and as accurately as possible to achieve the best results.

Can I have special adjustments for my assessments?

If you have a condition that makes you eligible for extra time, you should notify us of this in your application and provide supporting documentation so we can update the assessment to include the relevant adjustments. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at:

Can I get feedback on my performance of online tests?

You will be able to download a bespoke feedback report with information about your performance from the system (this will be explained to you in the instructions).

What are the technical requirements for completing a video interview?

Our Video interviews are taken online through a video interview provider called HireVue. Before you start your video interview, please ensure you have the following: 

  • Adobe Flash Player (most recent version)
  • A working webcam (built in or USB)
  • A clear and working internet connection

Specific webcam control software is not necessary, as this will be dealt with by the online interface. Please close any webcam control software before continuing with your video interview.

How can I prepare for the interview questions?

Preparation for the interview questions is included as part of your interview process on HireVue. We want to see the real you, so we recommend that you ensure that you understand why you have chosen M&Gprudential and try to focus on providing natural responses to the questions asked.

When can I expect to receive updates on the progress of my application?

Our recruitment team will review and progress applications as quickly as possible, as we have a short recruitment campaign. Candidates will receive an email updating them of any progress at each stage. Emails can occasionally be redirected to junk folders, please check these regularly, especially when you’re been invited to undertake online assessments. We ensure all candidates receive a response at all stages.

University recruitment questions

What should I do if I have a disability that may affect my performance at any stage of the recruitment process?

We will make every reasonable adjustment to assist candidates with disabilities through the assessment process. If you have a disability (such as dyslexia), which means that you are entitled to extra time for the online tests, then please email with associated supporting evidence and we will do our best to assist.

Does it matter if I don’t have any relevant work experience?

We don’t look for particular work experience, we look for potential.

I’m not a recent graduate and have some work experience. Can I still apply?

Yes, you are still able to apply to our graduate schemes, however our internship schemes are only open to students enrolled on degree programmes.

Do you offer short-term work experience?

Unfortunately M&G is unable to offer official short-term work experience placements.