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Find out what our employees say about working at M&G.


  • The M&G Apprenticeship scheme was a brilliant and unrivalled introduction to the world of asset management, and exceeded my expectations in every way!

    Whilst coming to the end of my time at sixth form I faced a dilemma; I wanted to solve tangible problems and work with a variety of people from different backgrounds, but I also genuinely enjoyed learning and taking qualifications.

    Then I found the M&G Apprenticeship scheme! I joined as the Internal Portfolio Services Apprentice, and my tasks included facilitating money movements across the funds in my team’s remit, compiling reports on our funds, and calculating monthly yield figures – which involved reconciling lots of data until you hit zero (surprisingly satisfying!).

    Alongside learning how to perform my role and absorbing knowledge of the industry you become immersed in, I was also given the opportunity to take two industry qualifications, and was supported throughout by my team and tutor.

    The aspect that surprised me the most about my apprenticeship at M&G was how much responsibility you are given from day one. You are immediately made to feel like a valued member of the team, which makes you determined to achieve your objectives, and strive further.

    Rose Scotton,  M&G Apprenticeship Scheme, Investment Operations

  • M&G stood out amongst the multiple Aladdin implementation opportunities on the table last year. The interaction with the recruitment team during the decision process was a key determinant in my final decision. The team were motivated to get me on-board, their actions, professionalism and overall hands-on approach steered me towards M&G.

    My experience so far has been very positive; with opportunities for knowledge sharing across multiple Prudential Business Units, with diverse opinions and perspectives always encouraged.

    Jude Awani,  Fixed Income Business Analyst

  • The driving force behind everything I have done so far in my life has been to learn. The graduate program at M&G has given me the opportunity to do so, both formally, supporting my studies for the CFA, as well as during my rotations with different teams in the business.

    As all teams where I have rotated so far are quite diverse, there really is no typical day. Whether it is looking at a company’s business model to understand if it’s a good equity investment, researching to see if GDP and asset classes returns are related, modelling cash flows for a loan investment or participating in meetings, there is always something new to delve into.

    Eleonora Martignoni,  Investment Graduate, Fixed Income

  • I applied for a manager role originally, but after interviewing, I thought I needed a little more development before moving to this level. This resulted in me being hired as a consultant with the promise of opportunities as I gain more experience. True to word, after 12 months, a manager role came up which I successfully applied for and moved into. I am now on the M&G Management Training programme to help me develop further.

    Ryan Macgregor,  Compliance Monitoring Manager

  • The graduate scheme at M&G provides the ideal platform to develop both personally and professionally. From the very first day as a graduate you are entrusted with significant responsibility and given the freedom to express your flair.

    An average working day may involve producing risk reports that monitor exposure on our funds, running stress tests and historical scenarios, or preparing for monthly risk meetings with front office. There is also plenty of opportunity to assist senior analysts on larger projects.

    The culture at M&G is excellent, and the first month of training creates a great atmosphere to build relationships with other members of the graduate cohort. Expectations can be high at times but the company offers great support for those willing to push themselves and fully encourages personal development through internal training and professional qualifications.

    In the near future, I look forward to developing my quantitative and programming skills as I believe these will be essential in such a transformative macro-environment.

    Matthew Kitchen,  Graduate Risk Analyst, Risk Management