Identity verification documents - Charities

Information about the documents we will accept for a charitable body.

All financial services firms within the UK follow guidance on the documents that are acceptable to verify the identity of its customers.

In all cases M&G wish to verify the Charity itself, regardless of how the investment is registered.

We understand that charitable bodies may have been constituted by one of a number of methods and we’ve put together a list of documents that we can accept as proof of identity for verification purposes.

First, we require you to supply all documents from the section most relevant to your charity’s constitution below:

(In all cases where a Scheme issued by the Charity Commission or Court has superseded the original governing document then this is also required):

If you are a trust:

  • The Trust deed or declaration of trust
  • Any subsequent deeds dealing with any changes of trustees

If you are a company limited by guarantee:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

If you are an unincorporated association:

  • The written constitution of the association
  • Any rules governing the association

If you are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) or Scottish Incorporated Organisation (SCIO):

  • The written constitution of the organisation

If you are a body incorporated by Royal Charter:

  • Copy of the relevant royal charter

If you are a body constituted by Act of Parliament:

  • Written confirmation of the Act concerned

If you are a Parochial Church Council (PCC):

  • Diocesan records confirming the creation of the PCC

If you are another religious body or place of worship (and not governed by any other documents in this section):

  • Written confirmation of existence from the regional headquarters of the religious denomination concerned

We recommend that you don’t send original documents through the post using a non-secure service as we can’t accept liability for their safety en route to us.

We’re happy to accept copies of documentation if they’re certified by a professional person. See 'Who can certify copy documents' for details.

We return all documentation to you using a recorded delivery service.

The identity of individuals designated as controllers for the investment must also be verified, see below.

Where an investment is held in the name of the charitable organisation, up to four individuals can also be registered with authority to provide us with instructions. These individuals are referred to as ‘controllers’ and must also have their identity verified.*

We will always try to verify the identity of such individuals using an electronic verification system first. However, if this is not possible we will then ask you to provide two pieces of documentation for the person concerned. See Identity verification documents - Private customers for our requirements.

*This will also apply if the investment is registered in the names of individuals and not the charitable organisation itself (e.g. if individual trustees hold the investment in their joint names)

Email us at if your organisation is not governed by any of the documents listed above, or if you are unable to provide the documents requested.

At M&G we accept the following certification for the specified documents below:

Governing document Additional accepted certifier
Memorandum and Articles of Association Company Secretary or Registrar of companies
Trust Deeds One of the named Trustees
Written Constitution/Rules Chairman/Secretary of the Association


We also have a standard list of acceptable certifiers for all identity documentation.

See page 5 of our Verifying Your Identity Guide for our standard certification requirements, including the required certification wording.