Identity verification documents - Corporate customers

Information about the documents we will accept for a corporate body and other common business arrangements.

All financial services firms within the UK follow guidance on the documents that are acceptable to verify the identity of its customers.

Documents we will accept

We will always try to verify the identity of our customers by reference to the relevant UK company or financial regulator’s register first. However, if this is not possible we will then ask you to provide documentation.

At M&G, we usually request the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association to verify a business’s identity. We’ve put together a list of documents that we can accept as proof of corporate identity if these are not available.

We require you to supply all documents from the relevant section below:

If you are a corporation:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Up to date list of authorised signatories

If you are a partnership:

  • Partnership Agreement
  • Up to date list of authorised signatories

If you are a sole trader:

If you are pension scheme:

  • Trust deed/scheme document and rules, and any accompanying amendments
  • Up to date list of authorised signatories

We recommend that you don’t send original documents through the post using a non-secure service as we can’t accept liability for their safety en route to us.

We’re happy to accept copies of documentation if they’re certified by a professional person. See below for details of who can certify copy documents.

We return all documentation to you using a recorded delivery service.

Beneficial owner details

For corporate bodies and other legal arrangements M&G and other regulated financial services companies are also required to gather information on individuals or entities who own or control more than 25% of the voting rights or are entitled to more than 25% of the company’s profits. Such persons are referred to as ‘beneficial owners’.

In addition to the documents requested above we therefore require the names of such individuals or entities.

Other documents that M&G may consider

Email us at if your business is not one of the legal arrangements listed above, or if you are unable to provide the documents requested.

Who can certify copy documents

See page 5 of our Verifying Your Identity Guide for our full certification requirements, including the required certification wording.