Ten-year deal for a ten-year plan

£20 million loan

Hall & Woodhouse can trace their brewing origins back to the Napoleonic Wars. Today, under the proud management of the fifth generation of the Woodhouse family, the company’s award-winning Badger brand range, including Tanglefoot and Fursty Ferret, are firm UK favourites.
New lending relationships were required to further the substantial long-term growth plans of this much admired West Country employer. In addition, Hall & Woodhouse, wanted to manage risk by looking beyond traditional banking relationships.

Having invested in new state-of-the-art brewing facilities, Hall & Woodhouse continues to further its programme of expanding its estate of high quality, managed, freehold public houses and building upon its estate of over 200 public houses across southern England.

To match these long-term plans, the company set out to find a lending relationship beyond the banks that matched their time horizon.

Following an extensive tender process, Hall & Woodhouse found M&G a clear winner.

Martin Scott, Finance Director, Hall & Woodhouse, said: “The M&G Direct Lending team impressed us from the outset. They demonstrated a genuine passion for our business, flexibility in their approach and a willingness to invest heavily up front in getting to know everyone involved in taking us forward.”

James Pearce, Head of Direct Lending, M&G Investments, commented: “We offer an ideal fit for established companies, such as Hall & Woodhouse, looking at expansive long-term plans. We are delighted to be working with such a much loved, long-standing and ambitious company.”

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