How can I register the death of an M&G investor?

You can call our Customer Relations team to inform us of the death, however we also require written notification and the original death certificate so that we can be sure that we have recorded all the details accurately.

When you call us, we will send you a booklet to assist in handling the arrangements and procedures after an M&G investor has died. The booklet is intended to support, rather than replace, our personal service to you and our Customer Relations team is on hand to help with any further questions you may have. You can also download the booklet from our Literature Library.

Original documents will be returned by Recorded Delivery.

I am an executor – how do I request a valuation of the Estate’s holding with M&G?

When we receive written confirmation of the death, together with the original death certificate, we will send details of the investment (including the investment value at date of death) to the executor(s) of the estate within five business days.

Subsequent to this, current valuations can be requested by the executor(s) either in writing or by calling our Customer Relations team.