New investments FAQs

How do I invest in a Junior ISA for someone else’s child?

Please refer to our Junior ISA section for further information.

How do I invest with M&G?

Please refer to our invest with M&G page for further information.

How do I transfer an existing stocks and shares ISA at a different provider to The M&G ISA?

This information can be found on our transfer your ISA to M&G page.

What are the Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and the Important Information for Investors document and where do I find them?

The KIID is a two-page document describing the key information you need to know about a fund before you invest, such as the nature of the fund, its charges, and the risks associated with investing into it. Information contained in the KIIDs is required by law and enables easy fund comparison across different asset management companies. Each share class and share type of every fund will have a KIID. The information is concise and specific, so it’s quick and easy to decide if the fund meets your needs.

The Important Information for Investors document is not specific to individual funds, and provides information on the products within which you can invest in M&G funds. It also contains M&G’s Terms and Conditions.

The Important Information for Investors document can be found in our Literature Library and KIIDs in our Fund Centre.

What confirmation will I receive of my investment?

Once you have invested with M&G, you will receive a welcome pack through the post. This will contain a Welcome Brochure and, most importantly, a formal acknowledgement detailing the investment that has been made. Please check this document carefully.

What is the minimum/maximum investment in an M&G fund?

The minimum initial lump sum investment into an M&G fund is £500. Minimums for regular investment amounts and additional lump sums vary according to the product and fund invested in. Full information on minimums can be found in our Important Information for Investors document.

There are no maximum investment limits.

Where can I get an application form from?

All forms can be downloaded from our Literature Library.

Why am I required to read the relevant KIID and the Important Information for Investors document before I make my investment?

You are required to read the KIID and the Important Information for Investors document so that you have all the information you need to make your investment decision about M&G products and M&G funds, prior to investing. It is a Financial Conduct Authority requirement that investors must receive and read both documents before investing.