Statements FAQs

When will I receive statements?

We send statements twice a year. Your statement will be mailed within 25 business days of the ‘valuation date’ – 5 October and 5 April.

Your statement will detail all transactions since the previous statement, together with the value of your investment on 5 April or 5 October, as relevant. If these dates fall over a weekend, then the actual valuation date will be the value of your investment on the Friday before that weekend.

Why do they arrive so long after the valuation point?

We always endeavour to dispatch statements to our customers as soon as possible after the valuation date.

However, the production constraints associated with the preparation and mailing of statements for several hundred thousand customers means that not all statements can be delivered at the same time. Our priority is to mail statements to our customers as quickly as possible, but without compromising the quality and integrity of the information included in customer statements.

While your statement will be mailed no later than 25 business days after the valuation date, you may also receive it much sooner than that.