The Gym Group is a pioneer in promoting affordable exercise

3 min read 28 Jul 21

The Gym Group is a leading fast growing UK fitness business with more than 200 gyms in the UK. Health club membership is widely associated with better fitness and overall health. The UK company’s affordable, flexible offering gives its members from all income groups access to high quality gym equipment and exercise facilities, providing them with the opportunity to improve their health through physical activity.

Why do we invest?

The Gym Group’s affordable customer proposition is centred around value-for-money pricing and flexible memberships. The company utilises technology and its economies of scale to efficiently provide high quality cardio and strengthening equipment, free group exercise classes, 24/7 access, lockers, showers and changing rooms. Its gyms have fully automated PIN-controlled access, for instance, rather than staffed receptions, and a free member app is provided. Although it is a competitive market, both public and private gyms are typically more expensive, and many face permanent closure following the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe The Gym Group’s cost advantages put it in a strong position.

What is their impact?

The Gym Group is a pioneer in providing affordable exercise solutions and plays a valuable role in improving the prospects for local communities. Modern lifestyles can lend themselves to low physical activity and excessive eating. In the UK, 28% of adults are considered obese, with a further 39% overweight. Obesity is a leading risk factor for premature death from non-communicable diseases. Exercise, including gym activity, is both an important preventative measure and treatment. The company’s well-equipped gym spaces across the UK enable people from all income groups to exercise and improve their health – 32% of The Gym Group’s estate is located in the 20% most deprived areas in the UK – reinforcing their commitment to tackling inactivity in underrepresented and disadvantaged communities. Sustainability is a key part of The Gym Group’s strategy, with the company generating £485 million of Social Value in 2021 and £2.5 billion in the past five years.

By reducing premature mortality, and by promoting mental health and physical well-being, The Gym Group contributes to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 – ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.


Members of The Gym Group who have 24/7 access to its sites across the UK.*

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* Source: The Gym Group plc RNS 26 May 2021

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