Verbund is a leader in the production of clean energy

5 min read 17 Dec 20

Verbund is one of Europe’s leading renewable energy producers. The Austrian utility generates most of its electricity from more than 100 hydropower plants in Austria and Germany. The company also operates the electricity transmission grid in its home country.

Why do we invest?

Verbund’s hydropower plants produce clean, reliable and flexible electricity at very low cost. Unlike other renewable sources of energy, hydropower can provide both baseload electricity and additional ‘peak load’ electricity, as water flow can be quickly ramped up to meet demand. Given the high upfront costs of building dams, Verbund’s extensive portfolio of long-life assets is hard to replicate. 

What is their impact?

Verbund is a leader in clean energy. It generates 95% of its electricity from renewable sources, and aims to achieve 100%. Having closed its last coal-fired power station in 2020, the company is adding more onshore wind and solar generation capacity. Electricity production accounts for roughly one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

By generating low-cost, zero-carbon electricity from renewable sources, Verbund contributes to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 – affordable and clean energy for all.

24m tonnes 

Carbon dioxide emissions avoided through Verbund’s renewable electricity generation in 2019

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