ALK-Abelló is a pioneer in improving health and saving lives

5 min read 17 Dec 20

ALK-Abelló is a developer of products that prevent and treat severe allergies. The Danish company is a global leader in allergy immunotherapy, which addresses the underlying cause of allergy, not just the symptoms. ALK-Abelló offers treatments for some of the most common respiratory allergies, including grass pollen, tree pollen and house dust mites. It has developed tablet and drop alternatives to injections, allowing allergy patients to painlessly treat themselves at home.

Why do we invest?

ALK-Abelló has strong positions in the market for allergy immunotherapy, which has the potential to grow significantly over the long-term as allergies become more common. Although an estimated 500 million people suffer from allergies like hay fever, fewer than 1% are receiving treatment for their condition. The company has a history of innovation and its focus on developing tablet treatments has given it a dominant market share for these convenient alternatives. 

What is their impact?

ALK-Abelló is a pioneer in improving health and saving lives. The company’s safe and effective treatments have the potential to positively transform the lives of those suffering from debilitating respiratory allergies. As well as improving the health of a significant portion of the global population, its treatments can also help to tackle allergic asthma, a potentially life-threatening disease. ALK’s emergency treatments for life-threatening allergic reactions also save lives.

By allowing people to overcome their illnesses, ALK-Abelló contributes to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 – ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing.

2 million

Patients treated worldwide with ALK-Abelló products in 2021

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