M&G (Lux) Fixed Maturity Bond Fund 2 

Initial Offer Period

The Fund will have an Initial Offer Period (the "IOP") when investors can make subscriptions prior to the launch of the Fund.

  • The IOP opens on 25 September 2023 (9am CET)
  • The IOP closes on 3 November 2023 (1pm CET)*
  • Target Fund Launch on 7 November 2023

*Final cash settlement to be received by 5pm CET on 3 November 2023

At the end of the IOP, the Directors or the Management Company will determine if the received subscriptions during the IOP are insufficient to build up the Fund’s portfolio in accordance with its investment objective and policy.

In such an event, the Directors/the Management Company may decide that the Fund will not proceed to launch. Subscription amounts paid by investors through the IOP will be returned (without interest) as soon as practicable in the relevant currency at the risk and cost of each applicant, in accordance with the provisions of this Prospectus.

The Key Investor Documents for the available share classes are listed below

Further information on the fund can be found in the Prospectus below

Currently, there is insufficient data to provide a useful indication of past performance of these share classes.

Key risks associated with this Fund:

  • Market risk: The value of investments and the income they generate will rise and fall. This will cause the Fund price, as well as any income paid by the Fund, to fall as well as rise. There is no guarantee the Fund will achieve its objective, and you may not get back the amount you originally invested.
  • Credit Risk: The value of the Fund may fall if the issuer of a Fixed Income security held is unable to pay income payments or repay its debt (known as a default).
  • Interest Rate Risk: When interest rates rise, the value of the Fund is likely to fall.
  • Below Investment Grade Debt Securities Risk: Such securities generally carry a greater risk of default and sensitivity to adverse economic events than higher rated debt securities.
  • Derivatives Risk: The Fund may use derivatives to gain exposure to investments and this may cause greater changes in the Fund's price and increase the risk of loss.
  • Asset‐Backed Securities Risk: The assets backing mortgage and asset‐backed securities may be repaid earlier than required, resulting in a lower return.
  • Investing in emerging markets involves a greater risk of loss due to greater political, tax, economic, foreign exchange, liquidity and regulatory risks, among other factors. There may be difficulties in buying, selling, safekeeping or valuing investments in such countries.
  • Please note, investing in this fund means acquiring units or shares in a fund, and not in a given underlying asset such as building or shares of a company, as these are only the underlying assets owned by the fund.