Investment Evolution

People are demanding more from their investments and from those who manage them. They want their money to be invested sustainably in assets and companies that don’t harm the planet – while providing sustained growth to meet their long-term financial needs.

But sustainable investing needs serious commitment. It requires a long-term outlook, forward-thinking and active engagement. Because meaningful actions speak louder than empty rhetoric, short-termism and quick wins. We can’t create a new world by simply forgetting the old one. It’s evolution not revolution.

The world is changing, and investment approaches need to change with it. Evolution takes time. But by investing actively for the long term, in a pragmatic and measured way, we can work toward a future that's better for everyone - our planet, your future.

People are demanding more from their investments and from those who manage them. They want their money to be invested sustainably in assets and companies that don’t harm the planet. But investments must still fulfil their primary purpose – to provide sustained growth and meet people’s long-term financial needs.

Investment companies can’t solve the world’s problems overnight. Responsible investing is a vast, complex subject. Sustainability goals like achieving net zero emissions or improving social equality will impact life for millions of people and will take years to achieve. It’s evolution not revolution.

As the original long-term active investors, we know that sustainability requires serious commitment. We know that meaningful actions speak louder than empty rhetoric. And we know that we can’t create a new world just by forgetting the old one. Investors must consider the trends and changes that will affect our lives over the coming decades as the world becomes more sustainable. They must also acknowledge the risks and opportunities that these changes present. From shifting consumer habits, new regulations, better technology and much more. That’s why we believe it’s time for an investment evolution. One that values forward-thinking and a long-term outlook. An evolution that looks beyond short-term market events to the fundamentals that deliver positive returns, for both investors and the planet.

Staying ahead of the times also requires an active investment approach, with high-quality research and a consistent framework. Active investors have the freedom to pick investments that they believe will adapt and flourish as the world changes. Providing good outcomes for the planet, but also good returns for their clients over the long term. While avoiding those companies and assets that actively do harm, or fail to adapt and risk being left behind.

We also believe in the power of engaging with investees. Using our influence to encourage positive changes for the benefit of our clients, society and the planet.

When it comes to the future, there’s no quick fix. Together we can work towards a future that’s better for everyone.

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Responsible Investing with M&G

Investors are now demanding more from their investments. They want their money to be invested sustainably in companies that do not harm the planet. However, investments still need to fulfil their primary purpose - to provide sustainable growth and keep the long-term financial needs of investors in mind.

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Impact Investing with M&G

Impact investing aims to create value for society while generating a financial return by investing in companies that address the world's major social and environmental challenges.

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Investing aligned to the Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris Climate Agreement made reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions scientifically transparent. By aligning funds with the Agreement, we can help clients make climate-friendly investment decisions.

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Infrastructure for the modern world

Next-generation technology will shape our future and help us achieve new standards of sustainability and environmental protection. However, technology cannot work without infrastructure. That's why we must build next-generation infrastructure. This is at the heart of M&G's fund strategy.

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Are we there yet?

In the new six part series 'Are we there yet?', M&G takes you on a journey through the world of sustainable investing. From the backseat of an electric black cab, host Ana Cuddeford chats to various experts on ESG milestones, the quest for a truly sustainable future and the cost of climate pragmatism.

In episode one of M&G’s ‘Are we there yet?’, Randeep Somel, fund manager at M&G Investments, explores some of the sectors that are set to capitalise on the net-zero transition and explains how far we are from achieving our goals.  
As the world eases out of the pandemic and life returns to normal, various global challenges are coming to an end. But climate change continues to be a looming thought. Nevertheless, solutions to this crisis are emerging – and these will present many opportunities.

In this second episode of ‘Are we there yet?’, Maria Municchi and series host Ana Cuddeford shine a light on chances missed, opportunities taken and promises made.

Investors have a special responsibility to curb the impact of climate change, not least because the transition to environmentally friendlier solutions requires one thing above all: funding.

Diversity is the name of the game these days, and rightly so. But creating a fully inclusive environment requires more than gender quotas and sententious rhetoric – it’s time to put pretty words into action.

In the third episode of ‘Are we there yet?’, Ana Cuddeford sits down with Thembeka Stemela Dagbo, manager of the Diversity and Inclusion fund.

Though ESG investing and impact investing go hand-in-hand, there are key differences between the two that investors ought to know.

In the fourth episode of ‘Are We There Yet’, M&G’s Director of Global Equities John William Olsen describes them.

If your strategy excludes [companies] that have poor ESG credentials, you tend to automatically exclude poorer countries which actually would need capital. So that’s more an ethical question and how a sustainable investor should allocate capital.

Charles de Quinsonas, sustainable EM debt manager at M&G, explains the challenges of evaluating companies based on ESG in emerging markets.

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Saying that global markets are going through a rough patch is a bit of an understatement. Bonds have recorded their worst losses in decades. We’ve seen heightened market volatility. And inflation is wreaking havoc on economies around the world.

Fabiana Fedeli expects inflation to persist, even if it moderates, and interest rates to remain elevated. So she believes selectivity is key in these markets. Listen to her in the last episode of our six-part series.

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