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M&G (Lux) Global Themes Fund

Themes grounded in reality
Alex Araujo, Fund Manager

"We strongly believe that thematic investing is a compelling way to deliver long-term returns in the stockmarket. A disciplined approach is essential to focus on enduring companies that can stand the test of time, while avoiding the fads that fall by the wayside."

Why thematic investing?

  • Powerful social and economic trends could provide selected companies with a source of long-term growth.
  • Companies exposed to these thematic tailwinds could prosper to the benefit of their stakeholders, including employees, shareholders and broader society.
  • Beneficiaries of structural growth can be found across a broad range of countries and sectors to create a diversified portfolio.

Why the M&G (Lux) Global Themes Fund?

  • At least 80% of the fund is invested in the shares of companies, across any sector and of any size, from anywhere in the world including emerging markets.
  • A disciplined approach focused on companies with robust cashflows and the ability to sustain long-term growth.
  • A balanced approach driven by eight granular themes across four broad categories: demographics, environment, infrastructure and innovation.
  • Sustainability considerations, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, are fully integrated in the analysis of companies.
  • The fund is managed with a strict set of norms-based exclusions* as well as sector-based and/or values-based exclusions including tobacco, gambling, adult entertainment, coal-fired power generation and nuclear power generation (thresholds may apply).
  • The fund adheres to M&G's group policy on cluster munitions and approach on coal.

*Excludes companies deemed to be in breach of UN Global Compact Principles of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

For details of the ESG Criteria used by the fund manager when managing the fund, please refer to the ESG Criteria document for the fund found on the M&G website.

Source: M&G, 2022

Why now?

  • The world is undergoing significant change and investors have the opportunity today to access tomorrow’s potential winners.
  • Companies are paying increasing attention to ESG to become better businesses, both from a financial perspective as well as ensuring sustainability.
  • In an environment of uncertainty, we believe thematic investing has the potential to provide investors with an avenue for reliable and sustainable long-term growth.

Fund Facts

31 July 2022 €722,59 million
Fund launch date 19 March 2019
Benchmark* MSCI ACWI Net Return Index
Sector Morningstar Global Large-Cap Blend Equity
EUR A share class
ISIN (Acc) LU1670628491
ISIN (Dist) LU1670628574
Initial charge Max. 5,00%
AMC 1,75%
Ongoing charge** Acc 1,95%
Ongoing charge** Dist 1,95%
SFDR classification Article 8

Source of fund facts: M&G as at 31.07.22.

*The benchmark is a comparator used solely to measure the fund’s performance and reflects the scope of the fund’s investment policy but does not constrain portfolio construction. The fund is actively managed. The investment manager has complete freedom in choosing which investments to buy, hold and sell in the fund. The fund’s holdings may deviate significantly from the benchmark’s constituents. The benchmark is not an ESG benchmark and is not consistent with the ESG Criteria. 

**The ongoing charges figure is based on expenses as at 31.03.22.

This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the prospectus and to the KIID before making any final investment decision.

The value and income from the fund's assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise. There is no guarantee that the fund will achieve its objective and you may get back less than you originally invested.

Investing in emerging markets involves a greater risk of loss due to greater political, tax, economic, foreign exchange, liquidity and regulatory risks, among other factors. There may be difficulties in buying, selling, safekeeping or valuing investments in such countries.

The fund can be exposed to different currencies. Movements in currency exchange rates may adversely affect the value of your investment.

ESG information from third-party data providers may be incomplete, inaccurate or unavailable. There is a risk that the investment manager may incorrectly assess a security or issuer, resulting in the incorrect inclusion or exclusion of a security in the portfolio of the fund.

Further details of the risks that apply to the fund can be found in the fund's Prospectus.

The fund invests mainly in company shares and is therefore likely to experience larger price fluctuations than funds that invest in bonds and/or cash.

Investing in this fund means acquiring units or shares in a fund, and not in a given underlying asset such as a building or shares of a company, as these are only the underlying assets owned by the fund.

The fund’s sustainability-related disclosures can be found here 

For an explanation of the terms used in this document, please refer to the glossary on our website here


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