Our engagement in action

Our engagement approach has been developed to provide a systematic process around engagements in which we have a specific objective and seek particular outcomes. Prior to commencing an engagement, that objective is clearly set out, with actions and outcomes recorded through the life of the engagement. Examples of some of these engagements in 2019 are outlined below, including a selection from both equities and fixed income.


In response to the extent of the fires seen in the Amazon basin over 2019, we analysed the issues relating to soft commodity-driven deforestation and the investment impacts of these issues.

Cyber security

In response to the growing cyber threat, we regularly speak to relevant companies about their cyber security arrangements as part of our wider interactions.

Plastics and sustainability

With single-use plastic coming under intense scrutiny as well as the push for less plastic usage, and general moves towards sustainable products and services, we engaged with a number of our holdings specifically on these issues.