Thinking beyond renewables

When we think about combatting climate change, we often focus on renewable energy. Replacing fossil fuels with green electricity from the wind, water and sun will go a long way in cutting carbon emissions. It alone will not be enough, though.

To address the greatest challenge facing the planet, we need to look for solutions across the economy.

Clean alternative energy is an obvious area for investment. Less obvious, perhaps, are the components and systems that cut emissions by improving energy efficiency. Then there are technologies, like those driving the future of transport or transforming energy storage, that make modern life less polluting. Moving to a more circular economy – by designing out waste, keeping materials in use for as long as possible, recycling, and regenerating natural systems – can also play a major role in the transition to a low-carbon future.

Solving the greatest challenges facing global society – as articulated by the UN Sustainable Development Goals – presents an investment opportunity worth trillions of dollars over the coming decade. From sustainable packaging to energy-efficient buildings, companies are pioneering, leading and enabling wide-reaching changes that can address climate change.


“Where companies can successfully deliver solutions that mitigate climate change, we believe they can produce sustainable financial returns and contribute to a demonstrably positive impact for the planet and its people.” – Randeep Somel, fund manager.