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Investment Evolution

The investment evolution

People are demanding more from their investments and from those who manage them. They want their money to be invested in assets and companies that can flourish as the world changes, providing sustained growth to meet their long-term financial needs.

We believe successful investing requires an active approach, long-term outlook and forward thinking, not short-termism and quick wins. Investors must consider the long-term trends that will affect our everyday lives over the coming decades, like greater sustainability and social equality. The world is changing, and investment approaches need to change with it.

The world is changing, and investment approaches need to change with it. Evolution takes time. But by investing actively for the long term, in a pragmatic and measured way, we can work toward a future that’s better for everyone – our planet, your future.

The value of a fund's assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.

Rather than concentrating on short-term events and quick wins, successful investing requires a long-term outlook and forward thinking. It requires a focus on the fundamentals and an appreciation for the bigger picture. Not reacting to short-term noise or the latest marketing hype.

Investors must consider the long-term trends that will affect our everyday lives over the coming decades. Like climate change, greater social equality and a push to become more sustainable across most industries. They must also acknowledge the risks and opportunities that these changes present. From shifting consumer habits, new regulations, better technology and much more.

Staying ahead of the times also requires an active investment approach, with high-quality research and a consistent framework. Active investors have the freedom to pick investments that they believe will adapt and flourish as the world changes. Aiming to provide good outcomes for the planet and also good returns for their clients over the long term. While avoiding those investments that fail to adapt and risk being left behind.

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Intention is nothing without action

We connect investment, intention and impact. Every investment we make in our positive impact strategy has to be in good companies, with the people and the purpose to deliver a positive impact for society and investors.

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Infrastructure for the modern world

Next-generation technology will shape our future and help us achieve new standards of sustainability and environmental protection. But technology cannot work without infrastructure. That's why we also need to develop next-generation infrastructure. Next-generation infrastructure is at the heart of M&G's listed infrastructure strategy.

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Other Investment options

Fixed Income

We are one of Europe’s largest fixed income investors, across fixed income assets globally.


We’ve built an equities business and reputation around investment integrity, original thinking and innovation.

Are we there yet?

In the new six part series 'Are we there yet?', M&G takes you on a journey through the world of sustainable investing. From the backseat of an electric black cab, host Ana Cuddeford chats to various experts on ESG milestones, the quest for a truly sustainable future and the cost of climate pragmatism.

In episode one of M&G’s ‘Are we there yet?’, Randeep Somel, fund manager at M&G Investments, explores some of the sectors that are set to capitalise on the net-zero transition and explains how far we are from achieving our goals.  
As the world eases out of the pandemic and life returns to normal, various global challenges are coming to an end. But climate change continues to be a looming thought. Nevertheless, solutions to this crisis are emerging – and these will present many opportunities.

In this second episode of ‘Are we there yet?’, Maria Municchi and series host Ana Cuddeford shine a light on chances missed, opportunities taken and promises made.

Investors have a special responsibility to curb the impact of climate change, not least because the transition to environmentally friendlier solutions requires one thing above all: funding.