As a savings and investments business with roots stretching back over 170 years, we have a long history of developing innovative solutions for our customers’ changing needs.

Today we bring together our diverse range of asset management capabilities, our experience as an asset owner and our insurance expertise to offer a new generation of innovative solutions for our global audiences. We group these into four main propositions built from the collective strengths from across our business, uniting behind a common goal:

To create a more positive future.


Creating a sustainable future

Sustainable and impact investing are at the heart of our Planet+ ambitions. Whilst we work towards Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration being a feature of all our propositions, with Planet+ we’re striving to carve out a specific ambition for our investment teams to help fix the planet one investment at a time. To achieve this, we’ll continue to be guided by our core values of care and integrity and our responsible mindset.

As an asset owner and an asset manager, we can play a leading role in sustainable and impact investing. We also have a responsibility through our own business operations to help create a more positive future for society and the planet.

Creating a smoother future

Broadening access to our established smoothing capability is captured in our Smooth+ proposition. This is embodied by our With-Profits fund in general and in our flagship proposition in the UK. PruFund, in particular.

Our Smooth+ family of funds allow investors to potentially benefit from smoother returns - aiming to protect investments from the dramatic short term highs and lows of uncertain stock markets. We see a huge opportunity to offer this to more markets globally.



Targeting positive outcomes for our customers and the companies we invest in

Our Active+ proposition includes our underlying range of funds and building blocks. We have a long heritage of active investing for our clients in the institutional, wholesale and retail markets worldwide. We’re proud to be an active investment manager that has an independent, conviction-led approach and our active engagement with the companies we invest in allows us to help share a positive future.


Creating bespoke outcomes

Offering our clients the ability to utilise our wide range of capabilities that underpin Active+, Smooth+ and Planet+ is what defines our Custom+ proposition. We aim to work with clients to co-create customised products and solutions. This is a fast growing market in the wholesale and retail space and one which we're already very familiar with in the institutional business, having worked in this way for many years.



Learn about our approach to managing sustainability risk, and how ESG factors inform our investment decisions.  

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Statement