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How we manage investments

The success of Prudential's funds is a result of M&G Treasury & Investment Office’s (T&IO) multi-asset expertise and a robust investment philosophy.

  • Well established approach
  • Depth of specialism
  • Specialist fund managers

T&IO's Investment Philosophy

The key to delivering long-term stable returns is driven by how well the underlying drivers of risk and return are managed in a portfolio.

Every investment decision T&IO make is the result of an approach developed over many years which has led to well established beliefs and attributes.

Their investment philosophy allows T&IO to add value from a combination of different areas:

Investment expertise

We're hands-on, proactive and collaborative in our approach to decision-making.

We conduct in-house research and modelling, driving insights exclusive to us.

We demand a depth of specialism at every stage of the investment process.

Specialism at every stage

T&IO are a large and well-resourced multi-asset team. They include experts in macro-economic analysis, specialists in strategic - and tactical - asset allocation, actuaries, investment strategists and a 7-strong Manager Oversight team. The Manager Oversight team have close relationships with high quality internal teams such as M&G Investments, M&G Alternatives and M&G Real Estate as well as access to a large network of external fund managers.

A team of complementary specialists in...                      

How the investor benefits

ESG Integration Expertise and Heritage            

We implement Environmental Social Governance (ESG) considerations into everything we do, from the SAA process to integrating ESG factors into manager selection and oversight and considering ESG factors in mandate design.

In-House Capital Market Research and Modelling

Our proprietary analysis tools and research allow a deeper understanding of underlying asset classes’ behaviours over time.

In-House Scenario Modelling

A key differentiator, we use proprietary analysis and tools to model the risks, returns and correlations between asset classes, educating decisions in SAA.

Portfolio Construction

A reputation for creating robust and diversified portfolios that support long-term value and reduce risk.

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) 

Our core specialism. Driving performance and decreasing volatility for investors over time.

Alternative Asset Allocation

Access to non-traditional asset classes via M&G Alternatives including private equity, real assets and other diversifying strategies such as hedge funds, which enable solutions that may not be available with other providers.

Specialist Fund Management

With T&IO focusing on underlying asset selection, we’re able to employ fund managers who specialise in specific asset classes or markets.

Risk and Compliance

Our ‘three lines of defence’ approach minimises risk for both advisers and their clients.

Investing in Alternatives

T&IO have close relationships with high quality internal teams such as M&G Alternatives, who manage over £7.9bn across a diversified global portfolio of assets. This video allows you to gain a greater understanding of their day to day roles and how their investments can lead to greater diversification within the PruFund range of funds.

Long-Term Investment Strategy

Find out about T&IO’s Long-Term Investment Strategy team and their roles and responsibilities in determining the strategic asset allocation and hedging policies across our range of products, helping to deliver long-term stable returns.

ESG approach to investing

Responsible investing - This generally means seeking to manage risks posed by Environmental,Social & Governance (ESG) factors and avoiding harmful activities, which is typically implemented via negative exclusions in areas such as; controversial weapons, tobacco, coal mining or gambling.

Historically, the term "Ethical" investing has had a similar meaning to "Responsible" investing.

Please note, we do not warrant that any of the third party funds offered on Retirement Account adhere to the above examples, advisers should satisfy themselves via their own due diligence as to whether a particular fund meets their criteria.

Sustainable investing – this approach looks to invest in sustainability challenges that can also present a financial opportunity, whilst benefitting broad groups or stakeholders.

Impact investing – this type of investing aims to contribute to solutions to environmental or societal problems, potentially for underserved or disadvantaged groups or stakeholders.

The term "ESG" stands for Environmental,Social and Governance and these are typically factors that a fund manager can take account of as part of their investment process, whether that be in the pursuit of financial returns, managing financial risks or seeking to derive a particular non-financial outcome for investors. Examples of ESG factors are;

  • Environmental - considers a firm’s carbon footprint or environmental challenges such as water usage, climate change or deforestation

  • Social - is focused on issues such as working conditions like child labour, impact on local communities and workforce diversity

  • Governance - concerns how a company is managed and includes issues such as executive pay, diversity, political activities, anti-bribery and corruption policies.

What is ESG, who is it for and what’s the driver?

Listen to Ben Constable-Maxwell, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing with M&G Investments, as he discusses ESG and who it is for, its different strategies, drivers and ESG investing in practice.

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