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Strength in multi-asset

Underpinned by M&G Treasury & Investment Office (T&IO), Prudential offer clients a proven track record in multi-asset investment, derived from a deep understanding of strategic asset allocation and the ability to access over 34 asset types.

  • Outcome orientated
  • Risk managed strategies
  • Long-term metrics

Prudential are able to leverage off the strength of the T&IO, offering advisers a large and well resourced multi-asset specialist team in the UK and with access to investment professionals worldwide.

Asset allocation is a critical influencer of multi-asset success, determining how diversified portfolios are positioned for the long-term, whilst able to seize opportunities and respond to risk. T&IO have built a strong team and developed well established beliefs and attributes that multi-asset demands:

Identifying macro economic shifts

The Long Term Investment Strategy (LTIS) team use a significant amount of data to help build a picture for the global economic outlook which is reflected in a detailed set of Capital Market Assumptions. The research will factor in long-term trends like globalisation, population growth, GDP growth, demographics and trends in technological progress.

Scenario modelling

The LTIS team have also developed a proprietary economic scenario generator, known internally as GeneSIS. The system not only helps build optimised portfolios but allows the business to understand how portfolios may behave in many different scenarios, for example, future Brexit related outcomes.

Depth in alternative investments

As yields compress and return expectations fall, utilising less traditional asset classes such as private equity, infrastructure and hedge funds, and emerging asset classes is increasingly important within a portfolio. M&G Alternatives manages £7.9bn (as at 30 June 2021) in alternative assets ensuring diversification at all times.

Building asset allocation strength into a range of funds

T&IO’s asset allocation skills drive the performance of a wide range of risk managed active, risk managed passive and smoothed funds including PruFund Growth and PruFund Cautious.

Resourcing to meet the sector's demands

Multi-asset funds demand sizeable resources to competently deliver key functions like strategic asset allocation, portfolio management, manager oversight and risk management. T&IO are amply resourced to respond effectively, seizing opportunities as they arise and with access to a large number of investment professionals worldwide.

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