Family wealth planning

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Birth of a new child or grandchild

This life-changing event is often the catalyst for new intergenerational conversations, ranging from trusts and gifting, to ISAs, to planning for private school and university fees.

Inheritance and windfalls

Windfalls are rarely expected - or planned for - but have the potential to open new doors for current and future generations. New needs that follow typically include lump sum investing, gifting and estate planning, to reduce potential IHT liabilities.


The separation of families – and finances - is increasingly common, bringing with it new financial needs, including: pension sharing (and potentially ‘rebuilding’), wills and CGT and IHT replanning.

Product options

Solutions for a range of family wealth planning needs.

Typical client needs: 

  • Ringfencing capital cost-effectively 
  • High Net Worth tax planning 

Typical client needs: 

  • Leaving a legacy 
  • Pensions with nominees
  • Ringfencing capital
  • IHT mitigation 

Typical client needs: 

  • Investing
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Building a nest-egg for future generations 

Typical client needs: 

  • Utilisation of allowances for all family members
  • Optimising your legacy
  • Trusts that permit capital growth and income 

Typical client needs: 

  • Building up a deposit
  • Utilisation of family-wide allowances

Estate planning

We have a range of trusts designed to help your clients meet their estate planning objectives. 

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Cost of Living

Practical money saving tips, market updates, ways for clients to get additional support – especially in the current cost of living crisis, and more.

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