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Case Studies

Read our range of case studies to help put your client’s scenarios into context.

Client case studies

Understanding trustees’ responsibilities

Ivan and Jane become trustees for the first time. Our technical team explore how they can fulfil their obligations in full.

NRB planning on the death of a loved one

Susan is 75 and a recent widow. This case study explores how transferable NRB Planning and a deed of variation can be employed to reduce Susan’s IHT obligations.

Discounted Gift Trust

Eleanor and Felix are a married couple who are 68 and 70 respectively. They have four children, several grandchildren and possibly more in the future.

Excluded Property Trust

Alesha has been resident in the UK for 10 years but is currently non UK domiciled. She has a £1m estate which she plans to leave to her nieces and nephews.

Loan Trust

Catherine and David are married and in their late 60s. They have sufficient income for day to day needs but use savings for ad hoc expenditure e.g. holidays.

Probate Trust

Alan is a 70 year-old widower remarried to Beth his second wife who owns their house valued at £220,000.

Gift Trust

Peggy is a 65 year old widow with a potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability.

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