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Beyond COP26 – what next for government policy on sustainability in the UK and around the world

69 min watch 29 Nov 21

Session:  24 November 2021

In this session we discussed the main themes and considerations for the UK Government following the COP26 Climate Change Conference. 

Learning Outcome – to demonstrate an understanding of: 

  • The key outcomes from the COP26 Climate Change Conference and what this means for the UK government

  • What the key themes and drivers are around climate change that investors should be aware of that could impact asset allocation decisions

  • How the M&G Treasury & Investment Office looks at climate change and other ESG themes when deciding on the long-term strategic asset allocation for funds 

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To claim your CPD certificate, test your knowledge with the questions below.

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Test your knowledge 

1. M&G is a signatory of the UN PRI, what does PRI stand for? 

a. Principles for Responsible Investment 

b. Policy for Responsible Investment 

c. Practice of Responsible Investment


2. The Paris Agreement treaty on climate change sets out the goal to substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to limit the global temperature increase in this century to: 

a. 1.5%

b. 2.0%

c. 3.0%


3. M&G Treasury & Investment Office has an ESG policy that is integrated into? 

a. PruFund 

b. PruFund Planet 

c. LF Prudential Risk Managed Active 

d. LF Prudential Risk Managed Passive

e. All of the above

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