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Part 3 – Preparing your knowledge, your advice and our clients for what happens at the end

6 min read 21 Jul 22

Check your answers

1. Who/What is The National Bereavement Service:

a. a national charity using volunteers to provide bereavement services to the public

b. part of Adroit Legal Services giving information on probate

c. works exclusively with organisational partners 

d. a not-for-profit company employing bereavement advisers to provide bereavement support to public & partner organisations

e. receives government funding to provide bereavement services


2. What is the LTA charge for someone who dies with a £1,173,100 unvested pension pot at age 78?

a. £0

b. £25,000

c. £55,000

d. £37,500


3. Bereaved people may be financially vulnerable because

a. bereavement causes people to have a significant drop in their IQ

b. bereaved people are too distressed to make sensible decisions

c. they are obliged to pay off the debts of the person who has died, regardless of their own financial circumstances

d. bereaved people may lack financial confidence and have to make at need purchases of professional services

e. they have to pay inheritance tax before benefitting from the estate


4. Which of the below is not an allowable pension death benefit?

a. Lump Sum

b. Drawdown

c. Transfer

d. Annuity


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