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Part 4 - Regulatory Landscape

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1.        What date have the FCA  proposed for the rules to be fully embedded by firms?

A.       31/7/22

B.       30/4/23

C.       31/12/22


2.        What do the cross-cutting require firms to do?

A.       To act in good faith, avoid foreseeable harm and ensure customers agree to reviews on a regular basis to ensure recommendations remain appropriate

B.       To act in good faith, agree to treat customers fairly and abide by UK law

C.       To act in good faith, avoid foreseeable harm and enable support retail customers to pursue their financial objectives


3.        What is likely to form part of the evidence the FCA will ask firms to produce to show adherence to the Consumer Duty rules and guidance?

A.       An annual report that has been signed off by the firm’s board, or equivalent management body

B.       A list of all customers and whether they have gained or lost money

C.       Interviews with all relevant staff to ensure they can spot vulnerable customers


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