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Political Upheaval and Economic headwinds

6 min read 13 Sep 22

Check your answers

1. The Financial Services and Markets Bill was introduced to Parliament just before recess. What might happen to this in lieu of the change in Prime Minister?

a. It will be scrapped

b. It will go through with proposed amendments

c. The Government will consult on potential changes

d. It is unknown at this stage


2. What impact does any political upheaval have on the investment management of the PruFund range?

a. The fund managers react and make changes day to day based on what’s happening

b. Political changes often have little impact on the investment management – it is very well diversified at all times

c. Most of the fund is invested in overseas so there is no impact

d. Recent changes are likely to mean significantly more investment in UK businesses


3. What has happened to bond yields and prices?

a. Inflation and other factors have contributed to yields rising significantly and prices falling

b. Inflation and other factors have contributed to prices rising significantly and yields falling

c. Both prices and yields have remained static

d. Both prices and yields have decreased


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