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Previewing the review for clients in SIPP Drawdown

1 min read 6 Dec 22

Check your answers

1) FG21/03 is the finalised guidance for what area of advice?

a. Equity Release

b. Pension Funding

c. DB Transfers


2) FG21/03 refers to tiering the client income into the following…

a. Essential, Lifestyle and Discretionary

b. Essential and non-essential income

c. Emergency funds, income funds & savings funds


3) For client’s who have pension funds in excess of the Lifetime Allowance the potential for tax could be as high as?

a. 55%

b. 40%

c. 20%

d. 60%


4) According to the PFS Drawdown good practice guide - Effective cashflow modelling should have what?

a. Stress testing scenarios

b. Stochastic modelling

c. Determinist modelling

d. Be independent


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