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PruFund Planet – Fund spotlight

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1. PruFund Planet mainly uses three ESG outcome categories to help measure the ESG intention of an underlying fund, these are:

a. ESG Risk Focused, Opportunity Focused and Outcome Focused

b. ESG Risk Focused, Opportunity Focused and Impact Focused

c. ESG Risk Focused, Opportunity Focused and Solution Focused


2. The key difference between a sustainable fund and an impact fund is:

a. Impact investing is mainly focused on mitigating ESG risks and financial returns

b. Impact investing focuses on ESG opportunities and seeking to address societal and environmental challenges, to generate competitive returns

c. Impact investing focuses on Responsible Investing such as avoidance of harms via exclusions and mitigating ESG risks


3. The Positive Impact Fund invest in companies that sit in the following categories:

a. Pioneers, Leaders and Enablers

b. Pioneers, Opportunists and Leaders

c. Pioneers, Risk Takers and Enablers


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