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Slash the cash? Should companies invest?

Check your answers

1. For Capital Gains Tax purposes, most companies will have some activities that are not trading but still qualify as trading if their non trading activities are not substantial. HMRC consider ‘substantial’ means more than…

a)      20%

b)      40%

c)       60%

d)      80%

2. Investment Bonds and ‘interest’ OEIC funds owned by companies are taxed under the…

a)       Fair Value rules

b)      Historic cost rules

c)       Chargeable event rules

d)     Loan relationship rules

3. From 1 April 2023, the main corporation tax rate will be increased to

a)       20%

b)      21%

c)       23%

d)   25%

4. The ‘excepted asset’ test has implications for

a)       Capital Gains Tax purposes

b)     Inheritance Tax purposes

c)       Corporation Tax

d)      Income tax

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