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Discounted Gift Trust (DGT) New Business update

DGT new business support:

  •  Tele-underwriting is available

  •  Where Tele-underwriting is not suitable, we'll revert back to the standard process existing before COVID 19, where we'll request a GP report and underwrite on that basis.

  •  Interim underwriting can be completed based on the information in a declaration of health, if it provides sufficient information. 

  •  DGTs can be set up on a nil discount basis - but this option is designed for those cases where the health of the client is sufficiently poor that a discount is not expected.  No underwriting is done for these cases, or it is a decline.  These discounts are not re-visited.

Please also note that the cancellation period of the underlying bond remains the same – the bond can’t be cancelled even if a final discount is different or declined.