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Online Services for Onshore Bonds

We can help you manage your clients business online.

You can access a range of online services, from illustrations and new business submission, to valuations and withdrawals.




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Prudential Investment Plan








*Standard illustrations can be created online for the following investment bonds; Prudential Investment Bond, Prudence Bond & Flexible Investment Plan but there are some exceptions, where you may need to speak to your Prudential Account Manager:

  • Where regular income is being selected to come from one fund only and not all funds, additional explanatory wording will not currently show as standard, so you may want to contact us for a quote in this scenario.

  • There’s a limit on the name fields, no more than 18 characters can be input, and special characters can’t be facilitated when illustrating online. You can quote online, but the name you input will need to be abbreviated; or you can contact us and we can provide you with a quote.

  • Where a Discounted Gift Trust (DGT) illustration is required please contact us so we can provide a discounted factsheet.

  • Certain top up illustrations cannot be completed online and you will need to contact us for these:

o   Topping up a policy where some of the segments have been assigned/cashed in

o   Topping up into With-Profits on a Prudential Investment Plan

** Please note there’s certain criteria that applies, which may mean the bond is not eligible of this service.

Online Bond Withdrawal Tool


Legacy products

For information on which online services are available for legacy products, please visit our online services page.