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1.     According to the average cost of a university year is?

a.     Just under £10,000

b.     Just under £20,000

c.      Just under £30,000

d.     Just under £40,000


2.     Which of the following is true regarding deeds of appointment and assignment?

a.     Appointments change the legal owner and the tax position

b.     Assignments change the tax position but not the legal owner

c.     Appointments change the tax position, but the legal owner is unchanged

d.     Assignments change the legal owner but maintain the tax position


3.     The tax liability where parents invest for children is?

a.     Taxable capital gains over £100 fall on the parents

b.     Taxable income and gains over £100 fall on the parents

c.     Taxable income over £100 falls on the parents

d.     All taxable capital gains over £100 fall on the parents

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