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Retirement Account: Digital enhancements to transform online servicing.

5 min read 7 Oct 22

A global pandemic has fast tracked the digital experience in many walks of life. In particular we have seen big changes in the advice landscape and the need for virtual servicing became a reality across the board. 

Our commitment to investing in our online Retirement Account has never been stronger and we’ve have made some significant improvements over the years. We will continue to seek new ways to innovate and improve your experiences and in turn your client’s experiences.

We want to save you time and have all the information you need in one place - take a look at what’s already been created and improved over the last few years and there is more to come…

"M&G Wealth are committed to a program of continual improvement with regards to Retirement Account digital journeys, to make it easier for both advisers and their clients. We want to make online transactions as seamless as possible, whilst speeding up important steps in different processes for all involved."
-  Vince Smith-Hughes
    Director of Specialist Business Support

Digital enhancements through the years.